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Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co.,Ltd.


Who is SKYNEX?

  • Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as SKYNEX) is a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer specializing in the R&D of LCM, LCD modules, camera modules, finished video door phone intercom products and one stop solutions of video door phone intercom.
  • SKYNEX integrates design, R &D, production , sales and after-sales service. All products of our company are widely used in villa video door phone intercom, multi apartment video door phone intercom, smart home products, access control systems, elevator control systems, security alarms, consumer electronics, medical equipment, home appliances, automobiles , new energy, energy storage and other industries.

What does SKYNEX do?

  • In addition to the production and sales of our own brand SKYNEX; OEM/ODM for many well-known brands of video door phone intercom at home and abroad;also produce LCD display modules, core motherboards and camera modules for many video door phone intercom assembly factories. So far, we have provided products and services to more than 100 enterprises around the world.
  • We strictly control all production lines, 100% multiple tests, to ensure high quality! SKYNEX has led the technological change of the industry many times with its leading technology, and has been widely recognized in the industry with its professional services and high-quality products, and has maintained the first position in the industry for a long time.

Why Choose SKYNEX?

  • SKYNEX is the only source manufacturer of the whole industrial chain from LCD screen, driver board, camera module to finished product production of video door phone intercom in China. We are the main supplier of TFT LCD, driver board and camera module for more than 50% of Chinese video door phone assembly factories .
  • The annual sales of finished building intercom products reached more than 2.6 million units, and the shipments of LCD screens, LCD module with driver board and camera module remained the first in the Chinese market all year round, and the Chinese market share exceeded 60%. In the Italian market, the Korean market, Turkey market share first, the highest annual sales exceeded 500 million.


The Strength of SKYNEX?

  • SKYNEX factory was founded in 1998 and has a production history of 25 years.  SKYNEX covers an area of more than 5,500 square meters, has more than 260 employees, and the R & D department and quality inspection department account for 15%.
  • There are five centers in China: Shenzhen Marketing center, Dongguan Manufacturing center, Zhuhai R & D center, Shenzhen SMT center, Chengdu LCD screen production center (under construction). The marketing network in China has 26 direct branches and agents. 

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Guarantee to you in SKYNEX?

  • SKYNEX has introduced foreign advanced production equipment to improve the quality in an all-round way.
  • In 2021, all SMT placement centers will be upgraded to adopt YAMAHA fast placement machines imported from Japan.
  • SKYNEX has 13 production lines (1 LCD screen cutting line, 1 LCD screen bonding line, 1 LCD screen backlight assembly line, 7 SMT placement lines, and 3 assembly lines).
  • SKYNEX strictly controls production and has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, as well as CE, ROHS, FCC, and SGS certifications.


  • In the future, SKYNEX will continue to focus on the development and innovation of video door phone intercom technology.
  • Driven by technological innovation and guaranteed by quality service, we will continue to provide customers with leading and high-quality solutions of video door phone intercom in SKYNEX.
  • If you are building intercom assembly factory, we can customize the LCD screen, LCD module driver board, camera module for you, and then you assemble by yourself, which will reduce costs and tariffs.
  • If you are a trader, wholesaler, engineering company, welcome to become our brand SKYNEX agent, also we support OEM,ODM. All products of the company can be personalized design and customization according to customer needs.

SKYNEX look forward to working with you!

Factory direct price, no MOQ, warmly welcome sample test, we will be happy to provide you with excellent products, preferential prices and the best service.


Our Services

Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co.,Ltd.

Pre-sale Services

  • Airport pickup service for foreign customers.
  • Arrange chartered bus direct factory service, because foreign customers are not familiar with Chinese transportation.
  • Remote live broadcast, video visit the factory, watch the exhibition hall and each production line.
  • Appearance mold design, customize private mold.
  • Color design and customization.
  • Multi-language customization.
  • Software protocol docking.
  • Hardware development, custom LCD screen, different sizes and resolutions.
  • Customize LCD module driver board.
  • Customize camera module for video doorbell.
  • Customize UI interface .
  • LOGO Customization.
  • Smart home protocol docking.
  • Elevator control system protocol docking.
  • Customize power supply, external power supply and internal power supply.
  • Plug customization: European regulation, American regulation, British regulation and other power connector customization.
  • Video door phone intercom system optimal scheme design.

In-sale Services

  • Product user manual customization.
  • Product model label customization.
  • Product packaging box customization.
  • Set the room number of outdoor station and indoor monitor well before leaving the factory.
  • Set IP network configuration table well before delivery. After the customer receives the goods, just connecting POE switch to test and use.
  • According to the customer's local country requirements, cooperate with them to get the product testing certificate.
  • Support customers other suppliers goods sent to our company for storage, together with our products packaged and delivered to the customer's designated address.
  • According to the customer's designated transport mode; customer’s forwarder to delivery;or help customers introduce stable and reliable freight forwarder.
  • Help customer identify other suppliers in China.
  • Take video for customer confirmation all the goods after production well before delivery.

After-sale Services

  • Warranty Time: all company products provides one-year warranty service.
  • Remote technical support: we support remote video guidance and installation services, as well as send related electronic files.
  • Remote room number table setting, IP address import configuration, and send related training files, or video guidance files.
  • We can provide customized service for maintenance parts.
  • For the long-term cooperation of large agent customers, we can support our factory technology cross-border door-to-door training services.
  • VIP customers can enjoy the application for maintenance spare machine and maintenance spare parts complimentary service.
  • Within 7 days after receiving the goods, if there are product quality problems, price errors, out of stock, logistics and transportation damage, etc., you can apply for return or exchange after taking photos and videos to us for confirmation.

Company Culture

Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co., Ltd.

Integrity - Based

Continuous Improvement

Innovation Driven

Excellent Service

Customer integrity pursue first.

Product quality require first.

Customer service keep first.


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Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co., Ltd.


Company Certification

Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co., Ltd.


Company History

Shenzhen Skynex Tech Co., Ltd.

  • history_icon SKYNEX was named the top 10 brands in China's video door phone intercom industry.
    history_icon Shenzhen International Marketing Center was established to focus on foreign markets.
    In 2023
  • history_icon All SMT production lines upgraded to YAMAHA rapid patch machines to achieve fast and high-precision production.
    In 2021
  • history_icon The market share of South Korea and Turkey ranges first. SKYNEX released Android platform products, leading China's video door phone intercom cloud intercom reform.
    history_icon SKYNEX become the first and second video intercom brand ODM supplier in South Korea.
    history_icon SKYNEX become the top three video door phone intercom brand ODM supplier in Turkey.
    history_icon For the renovation project, SKYNEX launched the Android platform wifi indoor monitor,which can compatible with cloud access control products of different brands in the market.
    In 2020
  • history_icon SKYNEX was named the top10 most influential brands of Chinese security video door phone intercom.
    history_icon The annual sales volume of indoor monitor LCD module with driver board exceeded 2 million pieces.
    history_icon SKYNEX invest in the R&D of cloud video door phone intercom technology based on WAN.
    In 2019
  • history_icon The market share of Italy top first.
    history_icon Provide LCD module with driver board for the top three video door phone intercom enterprises in Italy.
    history_icon Become the Italian video door phone intercom color LCD screen, driver board, OEM/ODM whole machine export share first
    In 2018
  • history_icon SKYNEX factory moved from Shenzhen to Dongguan manufacturing center, and the production line expanded to 14 , including: 1 LCD screen cutting line, 1 patch line , 1 Bonding line, 1backlight line , 7 SMT patch lines, 3 production assembly lines.
    history_icon SKYNEX was named the top ten most influential brands of China's security video door phone intercom.
    In 2017
  • history_icon SKYNEX became the designated Supplier of Smart Nation in Singapore. Establish a security equipment supply company in Singapore with a Singapore-listed security service provider, Then, SKYNEX brand undertakes Singapore Smart Nation project.
    In 2016
  • history_icon SKYNEX became excellent OEM/ODM supplier for first-line brand of video door phone intercom products in domestic and foreign. SKYNEX was awarded as the excellent partner of by LEELEN.
    In 2015
  • history_icon SKYNEX established a nationwide marketing network in China, with 26 direct branches and agents.
    Since 2010
  • history_icon SKYNEX became the first market share of video door phone in China.
    history_icon After the first release of 4.3 inches, 7 inches and other products, in 2009 became the first market share of video intercom display driver products, the market share of more than 90%.
    history_icon SKYNEX became the exclusive and main supplier of Bcom, Comilet, Urmert,LEELEN, DNAKE, AnJubAO, AURINE, ABB, Legland, Shidean, Taichuan, WRT and other brands.
    From 2007 to 2009
  • history_icon Led China's video door phone intercom industry from black and white CRT to color LCD screen technical revolution.
    history_icon SKYNEX Invested 4 million dollars to establish a 4-inch screen production line and became the first enterprise in China to produce 4-inch color LCD screens.
    history_icon In the same year, the display drive technology made a major breakthrough, reducing the cost of video door phone intercom color LCD module, the cost is lower than the mainstream black and white CRT display module at that time.
    In 2006
  • history_icon SKYNEX factory was established.
    history_icon Focus on R&D of color LCD screen and LCD display driver board technology.
    history_icon Released small and medium-sized TFT LCD screen and LCD display driver board.
    history_icon SKYNEX was the first enterprise in China to launch such products.
    In 1998